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9750 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA 95037
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Complimentary Coffee Every Day – All Day

Sun – Mon 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Our Market at Coyote Valley Resort
to remain open during regular business hours

For RVers on the go, we have stocked the MARKET to accommodate you while traveling. This eliminates the need to stop for supplies prior to your first night’s arrival or on your way home from work.

Based on feedback from our guests to make their RV life more convenient, we renovated the store creating the Coyote Valley Resort MARKET. We handpicked interesting, healthy and delicious foodstuffs that meet the special storage, cooking and entertainment needs of RVers.

The inventory is scaled for the RV lifestyle with real food from basic to gourmet including many different cuisines. The choices are for casual dining, quick after work meals and treats for last minute patio soirees and feature locally made foods and wine.

Enhance your meals; liven up the flavors with rubs, spices, sauces and condiments. The snack area includes a large selection chips & many and varied salsas.

Come in ~ Tour the aisles ~Check out the MARKET~ Take home treats~

Save your time and gas by shopping in the Coyote Valley Resort MARKET